Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tips For Managing The Stressful Things

Some things in life are a necessity and unfortunately, stress is one of them. It does not matter if you think that you want to deal with it, the activities of everyday life will have an effect on your physical and mental aptitude. It may not be a noticeable difference but, it will eventually make itself known.

It seems that when tress comes to a troublesome place in our lives and begins to affect our health do we start to take action. This is the wrong way to deal with it. It should be that we begin at the beginning before it gets to the point of bothering the body. This is where managing the stress comes into action. Listed are some ways to start your journey on dealing with stress on a daily basis.

A. Start by Recognizing What Causes Your Stress – Start by recognizing the things that will set the stress in motion. These may be situations that push you to the point where you feel that you are not able to deal anymore. These things are different for each person because each person is different. Your personality, lifestyle, and DNA can be the deciding factors in how you are going to act to the stress. When you begin to feel the stress, write down what caused it. A journal about your stresses and a list for time management each week will help. Set aside time each week to look over what is written in the journal and begin to work to make them better.

B. Manage Your Time Better – When you begin to take better care of the time you have, prioritizing the items, you will begin to lower stress on yourself. You might try to make deadlines for yourself that are not unreachable, lower what you expect from yourself, start forming good habits for your life, organizing your desk or home, and making lists to help you stay on track. You will want to look at the list during the day to make sure you are in the right order of finishing those things that are most important. You may even want to get yourself a planner and organize your lists. Give yourself quiet time without=t interruptions for those things that are hard or important for you to finish.

C. Conquer Your Exhaustion – The main thing that will cause you to become stressed is to be tired or burned out. When you feel that work is not fun you can cause other things in your life to become effected. Your relationships with friends and family and your ability to provide for yourself are in jeopardy. Being indifferent to your work can cause you to become frustrated, sarcastic, easily provoked into arguments, and anger issues. These show that stress needs to be gotten under control.

Techniques for dealing with stress are;
1. Giving yourself time off from work
2. Taking a vacation
3. Taking more small breaks at work
4. Having a healthy diet
5. Getting enough sleep
6. Exercise
7. Giving yourself boundaries
8. Start to say “NO” when it is necessary
9. Have more friend in and out of the office
10. Have someone you can talk to about things
11. Stay away from negative people even if they are your friends

When you provide yourself with a way out of a stressful situation like with exercising, you will be able to relax and take your mind off what is going on. See a professional if you are unable to get rid of the burned out feeling.

These techniques are easy to follow and will help to lower your stress. Stress comes with life but, learning to deal with it will make it more bearable.

By: Wade Robins

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