Friday, July 6, 2007

How Does Stress Affect Health?

Stress affects health in several ways and unfortunately not one of them affects health in a good way. Here is a look at the various adverse ways that stress affects your health.

1. Stress Causes Insomnia

Stress can make you unable to sleep properly and in some cases will lead to total insomnia. Even if you can manage to get some sleep it will still be of a poor quality and reduce your vitality and productivity.

2. Stress Saps You Of Energy

Stress will sap you of all of the energy that you need to function properly. When this is combined with the inability to sleep properly it becomes a vicious cycle.

3. Stress Affects Your Attitude To Food

Stress can do this to you in one of two ways and unfortunately, once again, neither of them is in a positive way. Some people can be driven to stress eat and on the other hand some people can’t manage to eat anything when faced with the pressures of stress.

4. Stress Can Lead To Unhealthy Habits

This is one of the most destructive parts of stress where it leads to a downward spiral. For example, you may feel stressed and then you decide to have an alcoholic drink or smoke cigarettes, etc. Since these already have a damaging effect on health and on the mind, when coupled with an already badly stressed person it can be very harmful.

In response to the question “How does stress affect health?” it is absolutely certain that the answer is stress affects health in a very damaging way. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you find ways to control stress, relax and unwind.

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