Friday, July 27, 2007

Stress and Sex

By: MN_Nikk

Sex is part of our daily lives. Between work-related deadlines and bills coming in by the handful, it’s no wonder that even the strongest feel the pressure. Most men have an unshakable confidence in their ability to take everything that life throws at them and then some, but this is not always the case.

While you’re thinking that you’re on top of everything and not needing any kind of help, you might be actually shifting the pressure to those who stick by you: lovers, relatives and friends. Even though you may not feel it, it’s a good idea to take a good look around once in a while and see if things are still the same.

One of the surest signs of stress is the feeling that things were better some time ago. If you’ve been staring out the window, wondering where the free time for books, music, walks in the park and love went, then you’re having too much on your plate and you are stressed. If you feel you no longer enjoy certain things like you used to, then you may suffer from stress.

Unfortunately sex also gets between you and the lady you love. Are you cranky at home on a daily basis? Do you fight often and over things that are not really that important? Are you still having sex often and is it still good for both of you? If you’ve answered no to these questions, then you might wish to review your choices.

Since going out of control in the face of stress and telling various people (bosses, policemen, rude individuals and chatty salespeople) what you really think about them is not usually an option, you keep it inside while in public and dump it at home. Stress comes between you and the pleasures of life, such as sex, good music and good food.

Sex is a great way of curing stress, but most times sex is actually the victim of stress. Stressed people have no time to take things slow. They have neither the time, nor the inclination to really savour the moment and make it fun for the other. In the end, sex becomes a sort of routine that nobody really likes.

However, things don’t have to be this way. Even though the job is a bore and the boss is driving you wild, even though bills are piling up and all sorts of problems seem to literally come out of the blue, you can still relax. Just shut the whole world out and make an effort to forget about your problems. Are you in a hurry? So what? Whatever it is, it can wait.

Have sex often. It makes dopamine run loose around your brain and puts a smile on your face. Go running in the park. Instead of working late, go out with your friends. Exercise helps your body produce more testosterone, which in turn helps you handle stress better. Socializing takes your mind off deadlines and other problems. Just go and spend an evening with the friends. Everything else can wait.

Give yourself presents from time to time. It may be an extra half hour of sleep. Or some food you really like. Or a movie. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but chose things that make you enjoy your life more. And learn to unwind. Put some soft music on the stereo and sink in a comfortable armchair. Put your feet up and drift away. It’s the best thing for you.

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