Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Steps On How To Cope With Anxiety Attack

Here are some useful tips on how to cope with anxiety on your own to lessen the effects of the anxiety attack. These are the 10 step program that can teach you on how to cope with anxiety attacks:

1.The first step is to recognize that you are having an anxiety attack.

2.Recognize your negative thought process and turn it into something positive.

3.Take a breather. Breathe in through your mouth and gradually let the air out through your nose.

4.Ask yourself why you are worried or anxious. Has it happened in the past? Chances are pretty good that what you are worrying about is not true – right?

5.Start feeding yourself with positive thoughts and giving yourself a new pep talk. You are worried about something that the odds are very much against. Realize that and tell yourself about it. Feed yourself with positive thoughts.

6.Write down positive thoughts on paper as this is a way of reaffirming how you feel about yourself. Write down your positive traits instead of dwelling on negative and senseless worries.

7.By now, you might be feeling a bit better. Try to do something physical like exercise or do yoga.

8.When you are having an anxiety attack, you should have a place that is “safe” for you. A safe place can be a physical space like a certain chair, room or area or it can be safe place in your mind. Use your imagination to come up with a haven in your mind.

9.When you are not having an anxiety attack, write down some of the things that you have worried about in the past and whether or not they have come true. Chances are that none of them did.

10.Realize that anxiety attack will pass. But also aware that anxiety and panic attacks will come and go.
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sweetromance said...

A wonderful list of possible responses to an anxiety attack. Often though the answer to number 4will be difficult, if not impossible to pinpoint.