Sunday, July 26, 2009

How To Quickly Relieve Stress

Lately, the word stress is firmly entered in our lives. But how to fight it? It turns out that there are several simple ways: it is not difficult, and really effective.

Gnaw some nuts!
The usual rolls and coffee is better to replace with nuts, because they are rich in essential nutrients involved in the development of serotonin, vitamins B and E, antioxidants that can help you overcome stress!

Make a deep sight
You can breathe deeply and easily, but if at hand is essential oil of citrus fruit or mint, it helps to quickly escape from the problems and look at the situation from another angle.
Select the oil which is pleasant for your soul and you will feel the effect!

Massage the lobe of the ear
Acupuncture is a science which has a history already more than 3 000 years. Chinese experts recommend the massage of ear lobe, which is concentrated in a huge number of acupuncture points. Thus, you will act positively to the various organs.
There aren't any complicated techniques to apply: make circular motion with the tip of the index and middle fingers of your right hand massaging the lobe of the right ear.
Similarly, the left lobe.

Drink tea
According to the results of scientists research, black tea in its structure contains a substance that helps the body to effectively resist the stresses.

Eat vitamin C
Research made of scientists of University of Alabama (USA) showed that vitamin C reduces stress hormone in human blood. But do not overdose with it! In high doses the vitamin can cause allergy!

Eat bilberry
Bilberry is an amazing berry: it has beneficial effects on the human body in stressful situations: useful for the eyes, brain. If the bilberries are not available, have some raspberries or blackberries.

It turns out that stretching helps to relieve stress. It is not necessary for this to go to the gym. If you are in the office can do the following exercise: lift the legs above the floor,tilt the toes to yourself, pull your hands stretched to the feet socks. You do not need to trouble yourselves too much: in the performance of the exercises should not be felt any discomfort.

Look at yourself from aside
Keep aside and look at the situation from a third-party rights. This will help you find the most correct decision.

Do not hesitate! It is safe to laugh out loud! After all, laughter - this is the best remedy against the stress!

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