Friday, March 14, 2008

Fighting With Stress

We all know the stress - as a bad thing. The stressful situations make our life more complicated, ruin our mood, and in the end - our health. But is it that any stress is bad? And what is "good" stress?

Stress - is a mechanism that allows the body to become faster and stronger in a critical situation, than usual. It is due to stress the driver "runs away" of the seemingly a hundred percent accidental situation, and the mother - catches the falling child.

Normal development of stress can be divided into two phases. The first - this is actually the stress, manifested in the feeling of fear or anger. The fear allows to run faster, and anger - to beat the enemy stronger. The first phase involves the release of adrenaline in the blood, so it can be called adrenaline's.

The second phase - relaxation. A sense of relaxation and pleasure when you have successfully escaped or defeated the opponent. You probably remember as a child it was a pleasure to have a big laugh after frightening or risky escapades. The second phase of stress is associated with the release of toxins, let's call it endorphin's.

Both, the adrenaline and endorphins are essential for our health. Adrenalin and other stress hormones encourage the formulation of specific proteins in cells responsible for longevity. It is believed that these proteins could extend our life for a few decades.

In contrast of the stress hormones, in the second phase of stress there are produced the "happiness hormones", the most famous of them - endorphins. They also have a big positive for effect on our health. The endorphins contribute to the regeneration and restoration of all of the bodies and also increase the life expectancy. Thus, the "good" stress doubly lengthens our lives.

But, unfortunately, modern stress is not like this. When our ancestors hunted big beasts, the process of the fight with an animal was fairly short and ended with a quick victory or the fast running. Thus, the person got first a big but short portion of adrenalin, and then - a more lengthy "dose" of endorphin.

But today we are forced to make long-term projects, where work and the associated stress lasts for weeks and months- the results are seen only rarely, and it is not always positive. Usually because we first get five to ten servings of criticism from superiors, and then - a light and unobtrusive approval.

As a result -the adrenaline and other stress hormones are generated almost constantly. But they are all powerful stimulant for the nervous system and the organism as a whole. Not surprisingly, as a result, we get tired: all systems are constantly working to "the high level." This causes a shortage of endorphins: just because it is very difficult to find a reason to rejoice daily.

Therefore, the problem is not the availability of stress as it is, but only in their characteristics. The man who never experienced stress, weakens quickly. The total lack of acute stress affects both emotional, and physical health.

The person who regularly suffers minor stresses, and these do not end with the "endorphins" phase of relaxation and fun, will not be happy and healthy either.

The best option for health: rare severe stress (long live extreme sports!), And frequent small joy. So look for the daily joy for yourselves and your loved ones - and you will handle any stress.


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Aaren said...

Tips for Reducing Stress

People can learn to manage stress and lead happier, healthier lives. Here are some tips to help you keep stress at bay.

* Keep a positive attitude.
* Accept that there are events that you cannot control.
* Be assertive instead of aggressive. Assert your feelings, opinions, or beliefs instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive.
* Learn and practice relaxation techniques; try meditation, yoga, or tai-chi.
* Exercise regularly. Your body can fight stress better when it is fit.
* Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.
* Learn to manage your time more effectively.
* Set limits appropriately and say no to requests that would create excessive stress in your life.
* Make time for hobbies and interests.
* Get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time to recover from stressful events.
* Don't rely on alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors to reduce stress.
* Seek out social support. Spend enough time with those you love.
* Seek treatment with a psychologist or other mental health professional trained in stress management or biofeedback techniques to learn more healthy ways of dealing with the stress in your life.


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