Friday, February 8, 2008

Let's Get Rid Of Stress...

The divorce, illness, financial problems, problems at work, tense in the relations with close persons… Each of us in life had more than once of these a situations. The effects have long reminiscent through headaches, irascibility, insomnia, nervousness, even with trivial things.

The ancient human ancestors were having a constant struggle for survival, each day find themselves in situations of life and death. In the process of evolution of the body learned to cope with that - "Fight or run!": The heart beats faster, pupils increase, the whole body is straining, providing increased reaction of the body to the changing situation. In today's busy rhythm of daily life such a reaction, alas, becomes normal. The state of stress overload comes when we are not able to cope with the habitual rhythm problems.

Everyone is prone to stress, every second habitant of the planet is suffering from stress. Stress can be constructive - when it does not provoke illness, but rather "encourage" (contributes to elated mood, provides physical and emotional cheerfulness charge).

Destructive stress, which is sometimes called distress - a consequence of a quarrel, fears, excessive demands. To keep the soul and body young, to strengthen our health, it is vital to have the skill of stress prevention and management, with all available means. The interior calmness can be achieved and if necessary preserved with the help of a healthy nutrition, moderate exercises, massage, water procedures.

Experts state that the most susceptible to stress is the vegetative nervous system, which can be strengthened with the water procedures. Modern cosmetics and toiletries industry offer a lot of tools, ranging from the most accessible to each of us - bath salt, foam - to the widely advertised SPA products.

The morning breakfast is mandatory (most often, we, at best, limit to the traditional cup of coffee!), As is often the symptoms of stress is a consequence of malnutrition. A light breakfast must include fruits and vegetables that contain magnesium, which is an excellent tool for preventing dizziness, shivering, muscular convulsions, increased blood pressure and itching. During the day, do not forget the mineral water, in the evening - have a cup of herbal tea.

Have a good mood and remarkable state of health!


Brylle said...

People just have too many things to worry about, and some people even worry about other people's worries. These bath salts and other spa like treatments are great since it not just makes our body relaxed, but it eases our mind from thinking the things that stresses us out.

Anonymous said...

Each of us have to deal with different stressors in life. Spa and body massage with aromatic scents will get rid of stress. Go out and chill out with your loved ones, friends...Laughter is still the best reliever of all. Nice Post!