Friday, January 4, 2008

The Top 5 Stress "Sources"

Everyone knows - to live a long and healthy life, you need to eat healthy and to do physical activity. Unfortunately, far not all people follow these principles in life. In result - health problems.

To get rid of the stress, you need to know that a balanced diet is a very important factor to your health. It helps to reduce your strain.

Some food and beverage acts like strong stimulants to your body and can be a direct cause of stress. The first step that you should do to get rid of stress - to understand what products are the cause of your tension.

1. One of the main and "worse" source of stress is caffeine.
Caffeine is contained in coffee, Coca-Cola, tea. Even many kinds of sweets and chocolate contain caffeine. Caffeine causes the burst of adrenalin in the blood, strongly increasing the level of stress.

2. The next reason of stress is alcohol. You may also need to reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum as it negatively affects the kidneys and liver.

Very often, the alcohol is consumed to alleviate stress. Those who use alcohol often suffer with nervous tension, irritability and insomnia. Also, alcohol can increase the fatty deposits in the heart and impair the immune system if it is used in large quantities.

3. Smoking - the third cause of stress.

Strange, but many smokers use tobacco as the chief assistant in stress management. Yes, perhaps for a short time it might help, but actually - all of this is the illusion.

4. Sugar is another reason for stress.

When the blood contains a lot of sugar, the adrenal gland is working too hard.
Many forms of diabetes can be avoided if maintaining the sugar level low. Too much sugar means a large burden on the pancreas and increase in stress. The best way to get rid of stress - to keep blood sugar levels constant.

5. The fifth stress reason is the salt. Salt raises blood pressure, depleting the adrenal gland, and very often is the cause of emotional instability. Avoid products with a high content of salt: bacon, ham, sausage and pickled cucumbers.

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