Monday, December 3, 2007

The Man, Woman and Stress

Women most often blame themselves for what happened and their reaction is an abstract spillage of emotions. Most women cry, regardless of whether there is or isn't someone who can console her. Men tend to look for the cause for which the trouble occurred anything or anybody else, but not in themselves.

A man will more likely show annoyance, disrupting the evil on someone around, than allowing himself to discharge by crying. Unfortunately, in our society men are taught from childhood that "a crying boy - it's a shame," and thus, rather than naturally relieve himself, a man will cherish ill-will, till he gets to "explode".

However, it is men in stressful situations who are more accurate, cool-headed. Not in vain the same firemen, rescue workers and people of other hazardous occupations are usually men. They are less likely to lose their head.

Women are facing a much worser threat, especially when it comes to women-mothers. Assuming danger to her child, the mother may be insane and commit a senseless act, which she would never have done when cool-minded.

It must be said that the child is a permanent, additional cause of stress for any mother. Everyone naturally have to worry about himself, but for a woman, her child is another person who she constantly concerns about - even more than for herself.

And, unlike female animals that care for their kid, the smaller their child is - the more they care, the older -the less and cease to do so when they reach physical maturity, the human woman came to be reported to do the contrary. The older her child is, the more concern the mother has, and so happens up till the "baby" is old.

The man relates to the child differently, not considering him a "single entity" with himself, even if he is very attached to him. Apparently, the fact is that man, in his essence is polygamous.

Stress to men most often occurs because of vascular disturbances, functional disorders of the sexual sphere and bad habits.
Women are more prone to fear, depression. With age they become less organized, indecisive, it is often difficult to decide.

The woman, as a rule, is actively discussing with the surrounding persons: girlfriends, relatives - the causes of her stress. She does not feel ashamed to openly talk about her fears, while the man, from childhood taught to obey the wild rules, prefers to deal with the very complex situation own.

In fact, we can say that the reaction of men and women to stress is very different not because of personal differences and biological characteristics, but because of the education, certain norms of society, which they are taught from birth to respect. Although the physiology of values should not be belittled.

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