Monday, September 17, 2007

Yawning - The Easiest Remedy Against Stress

Despite the popular opinion that Yawning is a sign of fatigue and not getting enough sleep, it stimulates brain activity, increases the tone of the body and improves blood circulation in the heart and lungs. But the main thing is that it relieves stress!

"For people suffering from diseases of vocal apparatus, bronchial asthma, hypertension, vascular brain cramps, etc. are useful exercises on "yawning" (gymnastics mouth), says the Professor theatrical speech Edward Chareli .

Even the ancient doctors used to recommend their patients to yawn as often as possible, but to learn yawning at order, you need to learn a special gymnastics for the throat apparatus.

Exercise 1. Open your mouth, look in the mirror at your cavity though, yawn (4-8-12 times).

Exercise 2. 4-8-12 times pronounce the sounds K, G, G- K, K-G. They strengthen the throat muscles.

Exercise 3. Mouth closed. Extend nostrils. Yawn with closed mouth 4-8-12 times.

Exercise 4. Say the sounds of A:-O:-U: successively, trying not to open the mouth but the throat cavities.

Exercise 5. Open mouth, and looking in the mirror at cavity though, yawn trying to uphold yawning with the sounds MMM, spelling them strictly affirmative (4 times).

Exercise 6. Yawning, rotate the head from left to right and vice versa (4-8-12 time).

These simple exercises of "yawning" strengthen your voice and health.

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Angelo said...

I tried yoyur excercis and they work. Thanks!!!